Get to know Snap Secure’s features

Did you know that Snap Secure alerts you when your child is texting while driving? Or that Bitdefender’s top-ranked antivirus solution can protect your Android from the latest malware threats?

Snap Secure offers a ton of useful features. To show you, we’ve put together some super fun videos illustrating how easy it is to keep your data, devices and the people you care about, safe.

Click the image below to learn more about Snap Secure!

The Snap One team

Syncing 101: Storing your photos in the cloud


Have a vacation planned this summer? Taking a road trip? Going to a concert? Whatever you’re doing, save your photo memories in one easy-to-access place with Snap Sync.

Here’s how to do it!

Don’t forget that by saving your photos in Snap Sync (and backing them up in Snap Secure), you are freeing up storage space on your device, keeping your memories safe and you always have your pictures on hand to show off to your friends. In other words, it’s a total win-win-win situation!

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Summer safety tips

Snap-tastic Summer Safety Tips for Parents

School’s almost out, the weather is warm and summer vacation is here! Give your children the freedom they want and the peace of mind you need, with Snap Secure.

Check out a couple (of many) features you can use to make sure your children are safe, no matter what they have planned for the summer.

Driver Safety

Did you know that in 2012 more than 420,000 people were injured in car crashes involving a driver who was distracted!

That’s enough to cause widespread panic! But there’s something you can do…


When your kids venture out on their own, make sure they stay focused on the road ahead with Snap Secure’s Driver Safety feature. You’ll receive instant alerts letting you know when your child texts, calls or browses the web while driving, so you can discuss safe driving habits.

Here’s how to set it up!

Safety Zones

If your kid is traveling to a new place, like a concert or amusement park, you can know when they arrive without cramping their style.

Simply set up a Safety Zone in Snap Secure to receive alerts when your child’s device moves in or out of a designated geographic area.


Here’s how:

If you don’t already have Snap Secure, what are you waiting for? Get it today!

Stay safe people!

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Snap Family Room has arrived

We’ve added a new feature to Snap Sync! Family Room lets you privately share files within the Snap Sync app, instead of sending them via a link or e-mail with the file attached.

Using the Family Room feature keeps content sharing in a centralized and secure location, accessible only to members of the same account.

Family members registered to the same account can share one Snap One storage plan, but their individual content remains private unless shared via email, link or in the Family Room!

Keep your whole family in the loop. Whether your spouse is on a business trip, your child is away at college or your parents are on vacation, make your memories shareable!

Snap Family Room is currently available through Snap Sync for Android and iOS devices.



A better way to listen to your music

Snap Play on Windows Phone 8

People are loving Snap Play for Windows Phone 8! Here are a few reasons why:

WP8 - 1
It’s super easy to discover new artists.

Snap Play is seamlessly integrated with the Nokia MixRadio app. Tap the Radio icon at the top right of the screen to discover new artists, similar to what you are listening to at the moment. Search through millions of songs and pre-made playlists catered to your tastes.

You can buy concert tickets in an instant!

Next to the Radio icon, tap the Tickets button to see if the artist you are listening to is playing any upcoming concerts. View the dates and locations of the shows and even buy tickets from your phone!

See all your cloud stored music or sort by device!

The Cloud Switch button toggles between music stored on your device and the songs stored to your cloud. Save your phone’s storage space by streaming from the cloud. That means more space for pictures, games, or anything else!

WP8 - 2
Jump from song to song easily!

Got a ton of songs? Scan your entire collection easier than ever with the Jump List button.


Welcome to the Snap One blog

Hi everyone!

All of us at SnapOne, Inc. are excited to introduce our new blog to you with some background about the company, who we are and why we’re here.

Before we started SnapOne, Inc. we wanted a single product that addressed the many needs we had as parents, technology users, music lovers, picture takers and file sharers, who have multiple devices and lots of content. Seeing how nothing like this existed, we decided to build it!

Snap One® was born from the idea that people everywhere (ourselves included) deserve an easy-to-use service that gives them absolutely everything they need to secure and manage their lives. As such, our mission is to offer a single cloud application platform that allows people to protect data, devices and people…in one convenient place.

Here’s a snap shot of Snap One!


Cool, huh? We think so too!

Here at SnapOne, Inc., we are a hard working team with a big vision. We are constantly striving to provide the best experience for individuals and families worldwide. Stay tuned and visit our blog often for the latest and greatest!


The Snap One team